Microwave Vacuum Dried Unsweetened Wild Blueberries
Blaubeeren trocken

Microwave Vacuum Dried Unsweetened Wild Blueberries

The wild blueberries (Vaccinium angustifolium) of our partner Van Dyk’s have their origin in Eastern Canada and the Northeast of the USA.

They are significantly smaller and naturally sweeter than cultivated or highly bushy blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum). They are richer in antioxidants and have a more intense taste.

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Due to their small size, the number of berries per 100g is significantly higher than with cultivated blueberries. 


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The unique drying process aims at the maximum preservation of taste, nutritional values and antioxidants of the fruit.

For this purpose, the blueberries are subjected to microwave vacuum drying without the use of oil, sugar or preservatives.

The berries are passed through a vacuum chamber, in which the air pressure and thus the evaporation point of the water is significantly lowered. Low energy microwaves are used to efficiently extract moisture at low evaporation temperatures. This technology allows the fruit to be dehydrated to very precise humidity levels.


  • No added sugar, fat or preservatives
  • Blueberry nutrients and antioxidants are largely preserved
  • The original size of the blueberries is almost preserved by gentle drying in the vacuum chambers


dry blueberry whole chewy blaubeeren trocken

Whole wild blueberries – 8-10 % humidity – “Chewy”

dry blueberry whole crunchy blaubeeren trocken

Whole wild blueberries – 2-3 % humidity – “Crunchy”

dry blueberry powder blaubeeren trocken

Blueberry powder from wild blueberries – 2-3% humidity


  • SQF 2000 (production)
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • Vegan