Meet Jack partners up with VALIO to conquer the european market
Meet Jack-Valio Press Release

Meet Jack partners up with VALIO to conquer the european market

HAMBURG, JANUARY 29th, 2021 – Meet Jack partners up with VALIO Hamburg and V&S to introduce jackfruit products in supermarkets across Europe.
We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the year. Under the motto alone you go fast, together you go further, we are proud to announce that Jack partnered up with VALIO Hamburg and V&S Food Specialist!

VALIO Hamburg is a respected food supplier across Europe. And V&S is a well known food producer, an expert in producing and packaging vegan food products.
Jack has been working closely with these two partners to figure out how to shine on the European stage. They’ve become such close friends that they are now shareholders in Meet Jack’s venture.

Jackfruit Supplier + Food Producer + Meet Jack Brand = Fruitful 2021!

It all adds up. VALIO Hamburg will continue to make sure Jack never runs out of fresh frozen jackfruit. V&S will work their magic to turn Jack’s ideas into meat alternatives consumers love. And Jack will continue to conquer the hearts of meat lovers by getting jackfruit products onto the shelves of stores across Europe.
Europe here we come!

In Germany, VALIO Hamburg will ensure the distribution , so that Jack will be on shelf mid 2021!


VALIO company is a leading import house, IFS certified and specialist in beef, poultry and seafood. VALIO has emerged from the family business Hans Hartge Gmbh & Co. KG founded in 1929. Our competence is based on decades of experience in product development in direct cooperation with worldwide production companies. At VALIO, flexibility and innovation correspond to a balanced price-performance ratio and permanent quality assurance directly at the production site.


Meet Jack is a Dutch food company that sells products made from jackfruit. Think burgers, bitterballen , croquettes, gyros, or rendang all using fruit instead of meat. The company is growing and is now looking to make jackfruit products available for the consumer market!

Media contact

Kaline van Halder
Co Founder
Meet Jack
+31 6 23759974

Mathieu Rehel
Managing Director
VALIO Hamburg
+49 152 01852101